Creating Black Hair with Red Highlights Step by Step

Teenage girls usually love wearing some accessories at once to beautify their clothes and finery. Actually, some parts of teenage girls’ body can be unique and interesting accessories if they know how to make it. A combination between beautiful nail polishes and opened toes sandals will make girls’ feet look more beautiful. Unique fake nails for finger nails will also make them look stunning. And beautiful crown over girls’ head will perfect their style. Yes, hair that’s the crown of each person makes them look beautiful if only they give some different touches on their hair.Black Hair and Red Highlights

Hair dyes with many selections of colors are available to make them look great. Let us see how to create beautiful crown using black and red colored hair dyes. We will see how to create black hair with red highlights in several steps.

  1. Use black colored hair dye to color all of your hair, as the foundation of black hair with red highlights. If your hair is already has black color, you don’t need to use black colored hair dye to create foundation.Black Hair Red Highlights
  2. Determine the parts of your hair that you will use as the highlights. Certainly you can’t cover all of your hair using red colored hair dye because highlights are just a few. It can be in the bang, sides, or back.
  3. After you decide the parts of your hair that will be the highlights, use red colored hair dye there and make sure that the color is neatly spread to create perfect black hair with red highlights.Black Hair with Red Highlights

About red hair dyes you can use as highlights, there are some choices of colors like blood red, maroon, and the others. Choose the one you want and you can start creating black hair with red highlights that will make you look greater.

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